Monday, November 18, 2019

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Frequently Asked Questions


"I have a list of jobs that is extremely varied i.e. shelving to be put up, washing the decking, collecting some furniture, etc. I have been trying to call in all different tradesmen to deal with these but I don't have the time to be available at my house for all of their different appointments. Can you tackle all these jobs for me in one visit?"

This is what Silverback Handyman Ltd. does best! We appreciate that in many households, a list of varied jobs quickly builds in size, leaving the owners with a seemingly monument task whilst having only a limited amount of time in which to deal with them all. Just tell us when you call what jobs you need to be completed, then leave the rest to us!

"Which geographical areas do Silverback Handyman Ltd. Cover?"

Silverback Handyman Ltd. primarily covers Southern Essex, although other areas will be considered on a job-by-job basis. By us operating locally, this assures maximum booking availability to residents and businesses, whilst offering re-assurance to the high quality and standard of our work. 

"Would Silverback Handyman Ltd. collect flat pack furniture/bulky items for me as they won't fit into my car?"

One of the huge benefits of using Silverback Handyman Ltd. is that unlike other "handymen", the large van used by us means that a wide range of bulky and heavy items can be collected from shops or other premises for you and delivered to your house or where ever you wish.

"What are Silverback Handyman Ltd.'s working hours?"

Due to the nature of out work, we are very flexible on our hours of work, but normally we offer arrival at your premises as early as 08:00hrs with the last arrival time at 16.30 hrs., Monday to Friday inclusive.

However, if there is a requirement for us to visit your premises earlier or later than these hours, i.e. you are leaving for work early or will not be home until later than 18:00hrs, then feel free to ask for a special arrangement to be made. We are happy to try and work with your convenience in mind.

Saturday and Sunday working hours are offered also, please call for further details.